We are your specialist for medical bags:
infusion, dialysis, nutrition bags, etc. for the pharmaceutical industry.
From small machines to complex form-fill-seal systems we offer almost everything necessary to manufacture and fill medical bags of polyolefin films.


WFT Pharmatec GmbH stands for customized technical solutions of the highest quality and innovation. Since 2012 we convince customers in Europe and abroad of the quality of our products and services as well as with the competence and commitment of our employees.

As a new company in the market, we offer you a balanced product portfolio for the application fields of bag production and filling in the pharmaceutical and medical industry. Whether you choose a single bag making machine or a fully integrated Form-Fill-Seal line, the modular nature of our product program allows you to enjoy high performance with maximum versatility. Get in touch with us – we are glad to assist you in your project.


about us

WFT stands for “Welding and Filling Technology”. The focus of machine development is on the thermal welding of polyolefin films and precise filling of medical bags with infusion solutions.

WFT Pharmatec GmbH is a relatively young company with a long technical and process experience in the pharmaceutical industry. This in itself is not a contradiction, because the profound know-how in the production and filling of infusion bags is represented by a team whose members have worked for  years with leading suppliers of such products and co-developed this technology. The head of the team, Mr. Friedrich Muth, had been technical director and divisional manager with large producers of similar machines.

As an OEM (original equipment manufacturer), WFT has for many years provided its technical know-how to a major German market player. After completion of the collaboration, WFT Pharmatec decided to work internationally as an independent supplier.


Fully equipped CAD workstations – own assembly hall with warehouse, possibility to perform film welding tests, innovative team of design engineers with extensive industry experience

We offer you professional advice and solutions based on our more than 30 years long industrial experience. Let us accompany you from the design of the end product to the selection of the right machines up to the commissioning and training of your employees.


WFT Pharmatec GmbH develops, designs and builds new special machines in standard design as well as accordingly to individual customer wishes.
The semi or fully automatic machines are designed in compliance with GMP and FDA, modularly built and available as table based version, stand-alone unit or as complete form-fill-seal systems.

WFT Pharmatec will gladly assist you if you have troubles with your existing welding and filling technology as a competent partner and consultant. Also used machines, spare parts and assemblies as well as tools and upgrades for other machine brands can be offered.

Our products are clustered into the following groups:

  • bag making machines BM (Bag Makers)
  • Filling and closing machines TF (fillers)
  • Forming, Filling and Closing Machines FFS (Form-Fill-Seal lines)
  • Special machines
  • Consumables

Bag Maker



Special machines


Team & Partners

WFT Pharmatec GmbH works with local partners who support us in mechanical part manufacturing, machine assembly and automation. These collaborations allow for flexible production planning and help to keep inventory and manufacturing costs low.

The partner companies are based near WFT and allow quick consultations and fast reactions to customer requests and changes.

WFT Pharmatec GmbH cooperates with several producers of medical films, port systems and injection moulding manufacturers.

The management of WFT is held by Mr. Friedrich Muth, who has been working in the pharmaceutical machine industry for almost 30 years.

Our clients are major international corporations as well as smaller and medium-sized pharmaceutical companies worldwide