Filling Machines

Filling units TFM1, TFU, TF

The filling units from WFT operate on the principle of mass flow measurement and are therefore extremely precise. This measuring method is less sensitive to temperature, viscosity and pressure of the solution to be filled and ignores the possible air inclusions.

The filling range is usually between 50 and 5000ml depending on the size of the packaging.

The filling machines are available in manual, semi-automatic and automatic versions, the latter being mostly installed in the FFS machines.

The semi-automatic filling and sealing modules TFM1 fill the bag with solutions and then seal it with a stopper or port automatically. Only the supply of bags and plugs is done manually. An automatic stopper feeding can also be offered

The filling modules can be optionally equipped with vacuum and gassing function as well as with CIP / SIP.

The manual fillers are usually installed on a table and don’t close the tube automatically. They are very flexible and can fill canisters, cans and bags as well.

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Manual table filler:

TFM1 – semi-automatic filling and closing modules