Bag Making Machines (BM101, BM102)

  • semi or fully automatic
  • for different bag designs / formats
  • high output due to the latest processor technology
  • Stainless steel construction

Bag Maker BM101: Easy to operate and quick to convert to other bag formats

The BM101 Bag Maker can be used to make and print medical or pharmaceutical bags of various materials (such as polypropylene) with one or more tubes or hard ports. It is a very flexible machine that can produce bags in the volume range of 50 to 5000ml and with multiple ports / tubes, also in top / bottom design.

Bag Maker BM102 РA compact effective machine for bags from 100 to 3000ml, with 2-up operation  (up to 1000ml), also suited for production of multi-chamber bags and with many other options.

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